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1958 FE Holden Special


FE Special


This 1958 FE Holden Special sedan has undergone a complete, bare metal, ground up Restoration and presents itself now in full show condition.
These are Holden’s 2nd Generation of Aussie built Motor cars, following the success of Australia’s first ever production car, the FJ Holden.
The FE introduced refinements such as single piece windscreen, 12 volt charging system, steering and suspension upgrades.
Plus of coarse the all new design, based on its American big brother, the 1955 Chevrolet.
They came with 3 option levels. The Standard, Business and the top of the range Holden Special, which is the model we are listing here…

This was an original, clean example with hardly any rust to begin with, which made it the perfect candidate for the extensive restoration that was planned.
The car was stripped back to bare metal from top to bottom, the body work perfected, then it was painted inside, out in its new colour of Cool Vanilla.
It is to a very high standard with super straight panels, nice gaps and a great 2pac finish. The Jams and wheel wells are also of show quality
and the complete under carriage has been painted and detailed too. It has been painted over 7 years ago and has no repairs or bubbles coming through,
which verifies the top quality of the paint and panel work.

With the body now looking so good, everything from here on had to be perfect before fitting up to the vehicle to match this high standard.
The chrome and stainless work that covers the car is award winning. All new rubbers, seals, clips and brand new glass with a factory green tint were
now fitted to give it a better than new appearance.

The original interior was good and the factory fitted roof lining was retained, however the seats and door trims were re-trimmed in 2 tone green.
New matching carpet was also installed throughout, including the boot area.

The running gear has been slightly tweaked for better drivability, a smoother ride and a more responsive pedal.
The standard Grey motor was rebuilt to original specs, then twin Stromberg Carbs and Manifold added, Extractors, twin exhaust and Alloy rocker cover.
It was decided that the 3 on the tree manual gearbox would be replaced with a newer Tri Matic, 3 speed Automatic Transmission.
The steering column from an EK Holden was used for this conversion which also moves the factory steering wheel towards the dash slightly,
which creates a little more room for driver comfort. The Auto has just been serviced and a new flex plate installed.
The diff runs a 3.55-1 final drive ratio which is the final piece to compliment the other mild mods and make this a fun driver for a 50’s car.

The car runs all new suspension which is slightly lower than the original height. It has perfect 6″ wheels with as new 185/70/13 genuine whitewall Kumho tyres.

There are a few other unnoticeable upgrades to the car which all relate to better drivability such as electric wipers to replace the vacuum style and
a brake booster to assist in pulling the car up with the new, more responsive drive line.

This Immaculate 2nd Gen Holden has been completed to a show car standard. It has nothing left to do but jump in, cruise and display it with pride.
It is a mild street machine build, so would not suit the die hards that need original rubber floor mats and clunky gear changes to be happy.

The build cost is more than double the asking price, not to mention the 6 years of life spent on it.
It is listed at the low price of $39,900 and can only multiply in price being from the first decade of Australian built Motor Vehicles.

It comes with boxes of spares accumulated from the build including side glass, trims and the original gearbox

Enclosed freight can be arranged for interstate buyers.
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