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*SOLD* This VY Monaro based HSV GTO Coupe would be rare as it is, but this particular car is build #010 from just 100 of the rarely seen LE (Limited Edition) vehicles. The 100 LE cars were built in just 3 colours.

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Holden VY CV8 Monaro


*SOLD* It’s hard to agree on 1 favourite colour. Some like Red, others Silver, but it is very rare to come across those who don’t like Cosmo Purple, the VY Monaro’s wildest colour. Then top that with daring Purple Leather.

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Genuine V8 SS Torana


*SOLD* This Genuine V8, Manual SS Torana is 1 of the early builds, being March 1976, just 1 month after the LX release. It now runs a modern, high Performance drive line with LS1 V8, 6 spd manual, 9″ & old school presence.

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600+hp HBD VY2 HSV Senator


*SOLD* This Immaculate HBD VY HSV Senator is a perfect example of the luxury sports model, in a very rare colour, ordered with factory sunroof & HSV GPS. It has $30k in performance enhancements & now makes 650hp

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