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We offer an amazing find your dream car service for both brand new and used vehicles. Tell us exactly what you are looking for or talk with our Automotive Professionals to figure out what vehicle suits your needs the most. Then sit back and let us do the frustrating and time consuming work for you.

We can help you with brand new, fleet and lease vehicle purchases through our many car dealer connections and strong negotiating tactics. Or used vehicles from all categories such as Classic, Custom, Muscle Car, Work Vehicle or Daily driver.

We hear too many horror stories of people buying from interstate and the car not arriving, or unknowingly buying previously written off vehicles which are worth half of the market value. Purchasing cars requiring $1000’s and even tens of thousands in worst cases on mechanical repairs or bodywork. Finding out the vehicle is not even safe for their family to travel in or just getting ripped off. ECCE are here to help!

We will search through private ads, dealers, wholesalers and auctions Australia wide to find your next car. Having a great idea of what our customer wants from our previous communications with them we send pictures and feedback on viewed vehicles until we find the car that is perfect for them. We use our decades of ‘automotive negotiating’ skills to get the best possible price for our customer. Then taking care of PPSR (security checks on the car for finance or previous write off history), making payment, RWC, transfer paperwork, transportation, Vic roads transfer of ownership and final detailing to provide our valued customer with an amazing service that saved them money and most of all precious time and the irritation linked with this long, taxing process.

Our fee for the ‘find your car’ service starts at $790 for brand new cars and from $1,500 for used cars depending on availability of the car, location and extra time needed to complete the transaction. Rest assured that once a fee is quoted, it will not change regardless of the duration of the transaction. However this service usually costs our customers nothing out of pocket, as we save them between $2000 and $10,000 on their purchase, not to mention the quality time and stress saved.

If Finance is required we can assist you as we work with several Finance Brokers who have access to a range of finance packages and rates. We can arrange finance without you having to run around to different brokers which as we like to do ‘saves your valuable time’.

Fill in the Find my Car form to get the process started.

Once a price range and vehicle description has been agreed upon by ECCE and our buyer a non refundable minimum deposit of $500 (depending on the car price) must be made to ECCE to commence the extensive hours of work to source your new vehicle. The following payment would be due for a deposit when a particular vehicle is chosen and the final vehicle payment is due usually within 1 week of the deposit being made.

An Insurance cover note is highly recommended once a vehicle has been finalised and purchased. We can also assist with a Used Car Warranty the same as a car dealer would, should you be interested.

Please note that although extensive resources will be used to source and thoroughly inspect your new car, being a used vehicle it will not come with any Warranty (unless one is purchased by you). We will conduct a PPSR Search (Finance owing, previous write off by accident, hail or flood) and several tests including a road test (where applicable) and previous accident damage inspection on your future car. However we will not take any responsibility for any unknown or future issues with the vehicle.

If you require extra peace of mind we advise and can organise a qualified technician to perform further comprehensive testing of the vehicle (at the buyer’s expense). Such tests as compression and cooling system pressure testing, complete drive train inspection and a thorough under carriage assessment are made during this inspection.