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Genuine LC GTR Torana


GTR Torana
202 & 2600S
M20 4 speed Manual


The LC Torana range was released in 1969 to compete in the mid-sized car market here in Australia. It was as instant success,
winning the Wheels Magazine, Car of the Year award on its debut year in 1969. The smaller body car with the big six cylinder engine made a great
power to weight ratio vehicle. It was thought to be so promising that 1 year after its release the newly formed Holden Dealer Team (HDT) and Manager,
Harry Firth decided to drop the full sized GTS 350 Monaro’s from Racing duties and let the smaller LC GTR XU1 Torana now represent Holden in the
Australian Touring Car Championship with two relatively unknown drivers in Colin Bond and future HDT racing legend Peter (Perfect) Brock.

This particular LC GTR on display is a September 1970 build. It is an Adelaide body and Melbourne built car. It is a Genuine tagged LC GTR Torana
owned by just 1 owner for 2 decades. It has been a restoration project car for all of this time and has recently been completed, but
not yet cruised or seen by the public. The magical colour scheme is straight from the early 70’s without mistake and just like vinyl records, suede
jackets, fringes and mullets, it is back in fashion and looks great again in 2021!

Its paint code, 12185 is Burnished Bronze Metallic, which would have looked good fresh in 1970 Acrylic paint, however in clear over base 2pac paint
it looks absolutely outstanding. It goes from dark Brown in the shade to sparkling Bronze as light hits the heavy Gold Metallic in the paint.
Now if you added Black interior when ordering the car, it would still look great. However, be daring and add a full off white interior to clash with
dark paint colour and you have ultra cool, contrasting perfection, even 50 years on. This trim is formally know as 48V, or Sandlewood.

Once this wild colour scheme and almost rust free Genuine LC GTR Torana was found & purchased 20 years ago, it was then decided to undergo a huge
bare metal, ground up restoration which has taken 2 decades to complete. Luckily most of the parts were with the car already, or purchased many
years ago, as some bits are almost impossible to source nowadays, even on a huge budget.

The GTR had a good, rust free body already, which makes the restoration that much easier. The car was painted 16 years ago and as one would expect
from a good job, not a bubble or crack has showed up since. The body work and paint are to a very high standard and all factory black outs have
been replicated. The boot, entire undercarriage and engine bay were also painted in satin black for that fresh, clean look, top to bottom.
Anything that wasn’t perfect was either reconditioned or replaced, such as rubbers, badges, stainless trims, grill and bumpers.

The under body of the car was also rebuilt with new brakes, lines, suspension, bushes, exhaust, etc
Once the rolling body came out so good, it was decided that the original Matching Numbers 2600S was going to be kept in storage with the car
forever and an LJ GTR XU1 style running gear would replace it to make the car more fun to drive, sound better and look better in the engine bay.
Although this power upgrade is not for everyone, the car was built to be kept forever, however life paths changed 2 decades on and it is now offered
for sale.

The original engine (as pictured) is included in the sale however the new power plant is a fully rebuilt, hot 202 engine.
It has a balanced rotating assembly, with all new bottom end, worked head, roller rockers, solid camshaft (flat tappet), fully rebuilt triple
Stromberg Carbies, electronic dizzy with MSD ignition box, upgraded fuel system and ceramic coated extractors.
There is a heavy duty clutch to match, connected to an M20 Aussie 4 speed, new tail shaft and 3.55 LSD differential. Fuel is fed from
a long range XU1 fuel tank, with all new lines, filter and fuel regulator. This drive train upgrade was around $25k to complete.
LJ XU1 Aluminium style Sprint master wheels were also chosen, purely for the Performance upgrade.
Although the GTR looks very standard and original it drives like a car from the 90’s and is very fast and nimble in the small LC body.

The interior had the seats redone, new roof lining & door trims fitted in the original Sandlewood trim colour. New carpet, centre console, seat belts
(front and back) and rear Venetian were purchased. The steering wheel, instrument cluster, dash parts, crash pad, glass, etc were cleaned
and reused.

The complete build and all components, although majority over 15 years ago, are new and apart from running in and a few laps around the block
when tuning, it has never yet been used. The car is in Immaculate condition throughout and the last job is to get it registered and enjoy it,
as it was built for driving pleasure and excitement.

Don’t have countless years to spare on a build, with endless stress and let downs?
Don’t have more than this asking price?, which is what you will spend on a comparable LC GTR purchase, then Restoration anyway.
Then this could be the pocket rocket, show car for you.

With Australian Muscle Cars appreciating faster then houses, this could be a great future investment for you and your family, let alone the
decades of joy that it will bring.

*Number plates not included in sale
*Professional inspections are welcome
*Enclosed show car freight can be organised Australia wide
*Contact us with any Genuine inquiry