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Genuine V8 SS Torana


SS Torana
LS1 V8
6 speed Manual


Calling all classic Holden fans, all Peter Brock fans, Touring car fans and in general, all Australian Muscle Car fanatics,
Here on display we have this amazing 1976 Genuine V8 Manual Holden Torana SS Hatchback..

Holden tried a mid sized V8 powered vehicle in the mid 70’s Touring car racing, after great success with the smaller LC/LJ range previously
and its Legendary winning driver Peter (Perfect) Brock. In 1976 with the LX range they released a new alternative, the 2 door hatchback,
which came to be the weapon of choice for Touring car racing dominance and Bathurst wins in 1978 and 1979. The Legend was Born!

The name Torana comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “to fly” and didn’t they fulfill that in every motor sport that they entered.

This particular SS is one of the very early builds, being March 1976, just one month after the LX release.
It is a Dandenong, Melbourne built Torana, was sold new at Garry & Warren Smith Group in Oakleigh and has never left the
South East Melbourne suburbs, now residing in Narre Warren North. The car still retains its original books and paperwork.

It is a Genuine SS Torana hatchback, ordered in Papaya Orange, with Slate Black interior, a 4.2 litre V8 engine and 4 speed manual gearbox.
This car has been a street machine, weekender most of it’s life, so has an amazing, straight, clean, totally rust free body.
18 years ago the body had undergone a complete bare metal rotisserie restoration. No rust was found and the colour was brightened a few shades
to Lone O’Ranger. At this time the A9X kit and black outs were added to make this Genuine V8 SS now an A9X replica.
For those that dont know the A9X is the full race version of the SS hatchback and regularly fetch between $250,000 – $500,000 up on sale.
During the body restoration all new rubbers, bolts, clips, etc were replaced to match the show quality body and paint.
18 years on no rust bubbles, humidity, shrinkage or other issues have shown up through the paint, which backs up the claim of one of
the best original SS hatchback bodies still remaining.

The 4.2 litre engine was sold decades ago and the car ran a worked 308 for most of its life. However 5-6 years ago the hatch received
another revamp of everything, except for body and paint which was nearly perfect still. This build was going to revolved around a Restomod theme
with an original looking Torana, that runs modern high performance running gear that the King of the Mountain would loved to have had in the late 70’s.

It now runs a mild LS1 alloy V8 from a VY Clubsport R8. The matching Tremec T56, 6 speed gearbox was also used, with a High Performance clutch,
custom extractors, exhaust, tail shaft, mounts, sump, etc to suit the Torana application. A huge fuel system was configurated using a Brown Davies
A9X style 120 litre drop tank, braided lines and aviation fittings, 3 Performance fuel pumps, custom surge tank and high performance
fuel filters, rails, regulator, etc. The engine bay was shaved and painted before the new running gear got fitted up to give that
simplified, clean look. Aftermarket hinges, booster and several other items were purchased to complete this look.

This new set up was matched with a 9″ diff, running 4.11s and true trac centre. A custom engine management computer was used, new custom,
hidden wiring loom and upgraded cooling system with custom alloy radiator was chosen.

With all of this power upgrade 4 wheel disk brakes from a VY Commodore were added for balance and lower, stiffer suspension with sway bars to
improve steering capabilities. A9X style wheels were also chosen to complete the A9X look, however these were monsterised to 15 x 10, with 295 tyres
and 15 x 8, with 225 tyres upfront to help with traction all round thanks to the new race car performance that would conquer Mount Panarama even
in current times.

The SS interior was also refreshed back to its original beauty at the time of the drive train upgrade and looks very original apart from
2 discreet autometer gauges beneath the dash, the modern gear stick with GM rip shifter and on screen display GPS speedo hidden on the dash.

To finish the build, everything was fully Engineered for full rego or in this case Modified club permit.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a forever classic Aussie Muscle Car, The Holden Torana SS, that has been professionally
customised to make it this one off, engineered, street registered, race track machine, beautiful example of our race bred Australian heritage.

This car will be sadly missed and can never be replaced should we find the right, new proud owner of this Aussie icon of yesteryear.