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We can assist you with any repairs and detailing to get you the best possible price and sell your car fast. We take care of the entire sales process from professional automotive photo shoots and advertising, to paperwork and RWC upon sale. Filtering through all of the time wasters to find that one genuine buyer.

The 3 old options of selling your car were getting a trade in, sending it to Auction or trying to sell it privately. The first 2 get you a small percentage of what its current value is, but are easier and the last will get a little more money but can cause you major headaches.

Our ‘sell your car’ service relieves you from getting your car ready for sale and keeping it in that state until it sells. Along with advertising, dealing with buyers that don’t show up, time wasters, late night callers and scammers. This in addition to negotiating price & terms, the safety issue of having strangers come to your home, completing the relevant paperwork and cancellation of such things as etags which can be costly and time consuming to rectify.

Our strategy at ECCE gets you the highest possible current market value with no stress at all.
For example we recently made our customer an extra $10,000 on the trade in price of their car. After taking out $2000 on repairs, detailing and paying our fee they still ended up with an extra $6000 in their pocket. Plus they had no part in the entire process, gaining them precious family time and eliminating the frustration related to mechanical repairs and the hassles of the sale process.

ECCE has expertise with the entire sales process and assumes responsibility for the sale of your vehicle from start to end. We utilise proven sales and marketing strategies to sell your car. For peace of mind our warehouse is fully alarmed, has cctv surveillance, bollards, large gates and a trained guard dog on site should your car be in our possession during the sale. We specialise in custom, classic, muscle and performance vehicle sales, but can use these same skills to sell your parents standard Mercedes.

Firstly you talk with a professional evaluator to establish your cars current market value. We suggest options to do minor work if necessary to greatly improve your vehicles value and shorten the duration that it is listed for sale. We carry out the repairs and finish the car with an extreme detail throughout if needed. A professional automotive photo shoot is then taken out and accompanied to a detailed advertisement to get your vehicle exposure on the used car market. We know where to list certain vehicles to target the correct market, which definitely matters for the sale. We deal with all probable buyers and inspections, then use our strong negotiating skills to seal a deal for our client. From there we complete all necessary paperwork, accept the payment on your behalf and to your terms. Complete the RWC if applicable and then hand over the vehicle to the owner, all without you breaking a sweat.

All of this is done whilst maintaining regular contact with you (the owner) to provide general updates regarding interested buyers and offers on the vehicle during its sale process.

The fee for the ‘sell my car’ service starts from $1500 and is not due until the sale is final. The value and demand of the vehicle for sale will determine the fee charged. Once a fee is quoted, it will not change regardless of the duration of the sale. However this service usually costs our customers nothing out of pocket, as we make them between $2000 and $10,000 more than a self managed sale or trade in, not to mention the time and stress saved. On more expensive vehicles we have made our valued customer $25,000 more then they determined.

Fill in the Sell my Car form to get the process started.

Most of the cars sold are held at our secure facility on a consignment basis, however other arrangements can be made if it is still your only mode of transport.

A non refundable $300 deposit must be made to ECCE to commence with the sale which will go towards advertising expenses occurred. This does not include repairs and detailing.

Insurance is highly recommended when your vehicle is left in our care. Please understand that although every precaution will be taken and your vehicle will be treated like it’s one of our own when in our care, it is impossible to guaranty against a mishap.

If uninsured you can still leave it with us and know that it will be cared for in every way, but it will have to be left at your own risk and East Coast Car Excellence or its representatives can accept no liability for any damage, theft, issues or problems alleged whilst in our care.