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Like some other Brokers we provide a U.S import service. However our specialty service offers much more than just ocean freight to Australia. We can arrange inspections, make international money transfers, transportation across the country to L.A, apply for Australian import approval and more..

Don’t just buy an American car online from the U.S.A without knowing the ins and outs. It is not uncommon that the vehicle ends up costing buyers up to ten thousand dollars over budget or even worse, the car never arrives. It is an extensive, exhausting process and is much better handled by people who have completed the service several times and know what to expect and how to be prepared.

The first issue is dealing with the American people, which is hard due to the opposite hours of sleep. Then there is misunderstanding due to our Australian accent and different words used for certain car parts which makes communicating difficult without prior experience. This is all before you’ve even got started sourcing road transport to move the vehicle safely from the state of purchase to L.A, the chosen port for safe sea freight to Australia. Organising International money transfers at the best possible rate whilst applying for Australian Import Approval at the same time, which is very costly if even one simple mistake is made. Then deciding which shipping company is best to pack your vehicle safely and get it on a ship in a hurry instead of sitting it around in yards where things can go wrong.

These are just an example of the many costly problems that can arise when purchasing from America without substantial knowledge of the process. At ECCE we alleviate the chance of major loss on your U.S vehicle purchase and transportation by controlling all aspects of the transaction on your behalf. This is a unique service that we offer as many companies offer sea freight, but leave you to handle all other logistics with an expensive trial and error system.

We can assist you to import classic and muscle cars, or even big dollar race cars. If you don’t know where to start looking we can also source the car for you.

Our U.S car assistance packages start at $1500, which would be a fraction of the loss occurred should anything go wrong during your importation. Like most of our services this usually costs our customers nothing out of pocket, as we save them between $2000 and $10,000 on their transaction, not to mention the time and stress saved.