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VSII HSV Grange 215i


Grange 215i
Holden 5.7lt stroked V8


HSV released the Grange model in October 1996, as part of VS II range to create a sports variant of the Holden Statesman and Caprice. Manufactured at Elizabeth,
South Australia, and finished by HSV in Clayton, Victoria, the Grange was available in a 185i and 215i variant, powered by the 5.0 litre and stroked 5.7 litre V8 engines,
respectively. The VS Grange was the first ever Grange produced by HSV, having previously built only Statesman and Caprice models, tagged HSV Enhanced.
They were targeted to the CEO’s, Lawyers, Politicians and Australia’s elite in general. Each owner was presented with a uniquely numbered bottle of 1984 Penfolds
Grange Hermitage, to match the Prestige status and heritage of the vehicles..

These VS Grange vehicles were the forefront of big horsepower, modern, luxury sports, Australian Limousines.. They were produced in ridiculously low numbers to keep their
prestige and rarity immortalised forever in Australian Automotive Folklore. They made just 27 VS HSV Grange 185i in total and an amazingly low 19 VS HSV Grange 215i vehicles.
To put these numbers in comparison, other super rare VS HSV models like the famous yellow GTSR or VS Manta had 75 and 85 built, respectively.

Out of the exceptional 19 VSII HSV Grange 215i built, here we have build number 14. Ordered fully loaded with the powerful 5.7lt High Performance stroked engine option,
Hydratrak diff, HSV Boulevard suspension, Premium brakes, Electric Sunroof and what many would call the most loved VS HSV colour, Cherry Black!…. It ticks every box!

The 19 stroker vehicles were offered in several colours, which of only a small handful were produced in Cherry Black. After 24 years with accidents, theft and damage
I wonder how many Cherry Black would still remain? One would guess 2, maybe 3 max remaining on earth, which drops it in to the ultra rare basket…

This Grange is not only in immaculate condition, but you would struggle to find a more original, unmodified 215i Grange anywhere. It has the original HSV wheels, rebuilt
Boulevard suspension, factory Eurovox stereo and rebuilt 10 stacker, plus the factory twin cat stainless steel HSV exhaust system to name a few.

The car has traveled just 220,000kms over its 24 years and has been loved, cared for and maintained throughout this time. Mechanically it is perfect, with no rattles,
noises, leaks, etc. Over the past year it has had a lot of major servicing completed for many decades of trouble free motoring ahead. These included all oils and fluids
(engine, trans, diff, cooling system, power steering and brakes). It has new engine mounts, drive belts, hoses, plugs, leads and any gaskets that didn’t look 100% replaced.
Along with new Alternator, starter motor, water pump and battery. As mentioned earlier the factory Boulevard suspension has been overhauled, the factory rims restored,
a complete climate control system overhaul and the factory electric sunroof serviced.

The body and paint looks close to perfect. The Grange has undergone a closed door respray a few years back to remove stone chips, light scratches and some standard
VS clear coat issues. Although the entire car presents so well, the interior would be the high light as the leather, plastic and rubber surfaces have usually perished
over the decades. However open the doors on build #14 and it takes you back to the mid 90’s as if the car is just a year old and still in pristine condition.
Not only does it look like new, but every interior option works as new also.

To complete the perfect package all bolt on exterior trims, lights, badges and garnishes are in mint condition. The car has the personalised VIC plates 014HSV
and a few months of Registration remaining. It has the Grange books and the factory immobilser FOB still functioning properly. There is also a HSV certificate
with the build number, vehicle identification and full options list. It was sold new at Kevin Dennis Holden and HSV in Braybrook, Victoria.

This VS II HSV Grange 215i was a very hard vehicle to evaluate as only 1 sells about every 5 years and we believe it to be valued a lot higher than our asking price,
however we are after a fast and easy sale, hence the more then fair price on this car which is one of the rarest VS Models ever produced.

For Sale at ECCE..
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