Call: Russ

WH HSV Grange #155


LS1 V8


The HSV Grange is sold as the pinnacle of luxury sports from the Holden Special Vehicle range, usually hitting the $100,000 mark when offered new.
It is based on the long wheel based Statesman, which has been Australia’s chosen Limousine for almost 50 years now.
HSV builds the Grange with power, handling, luxury and style for Australia’s elite, who are amongst a small percentage of people who can afford to purchase one new.
However a decade or two on they usually drop in value enough for the average people to purchase one of these amazing vehicles at a fraction of the price.
The only problem being that the wealthy original owners usually mistreat the vehicles and sell them tired, damaged and worn out. But not in this case!

This 2000 model HSV Grange that is build # 155 is an absolute credit to the original owner who kept this car in immaculate condition throughout.
The biggest indication of abuse to these cars is usually the staining, cracking, and ripping of the soft, quality, light cream (Shale) leather front seats.
Which in the case of this particular WH HSV Grange are about as close to new looking as you’ll find in the remaining sports limo’s out there in 2020.
When the front seats are so good, you can only imagine how perfect the rest of the interior is. But along with visual perfection, every option performs
as it should, with no faulty electronics, broken compartment clips, worn buttons, or dash warning lights to be seen.

The car has only traveled 123,000km’s in its 20 year life and it has been cared for, serviced and maintained to the highest level possible. It has full service history,
all books and the 2 keys are still retained with the car. Mechanically, the car is perfect and the way it drives is a testament to its original owners.
These HSV Grange were the first high performance HSV Limo’s, running the all new full alloy LS1 V8 engine with a huge 250kw of power, de-tuned of course.
The car is totally original and unmodified which will add to its value as the decades pass. It has been garaged from day one and parked securely and safely
when out driving.

The colour Tungsten (champagne) was a popular new colour for the millennial HSV’s due to its ultra classy look and perfect match to the pale cream, leather interior’s.
The body and paint on this car are immaculate for the age, with not many blemishes noticeable from front to rear. All lights, trims and moldings are
as good as you currently see and the famous champagne coloured Grange wheels are in very good condition still too. There is a big tow pack that comes with the car,
however it has been removed and kept aside with any other spares.

These older HSV Grange are rarely offered for sale in this condition and would be the perfect affordable choice for any new collector, or to add to an existing car collection.